Telangana probably Muslim quota at 9%, soon order!!

Telangana probably Muslim quota at 9%, soon order!!

The TRS government has decided to make a promise to give Muslims reservations. However, for the previously expected 12 percent the rate is expected to be 9 percent and will be based on socio-economic backwardness rather than on religion.

BC welfare secretary G Ashok Kumar told TOI that the BC Commission, led by BS Ramulu, has completed its field study and will submit its government report on Tuesday. Taking into account very poor economic conditions of the Muslims in Telangana, the report came to the conclusion that nearly 90 percent of the minority community reeling under severe poverty and recommended 8 to 9 percent reservation for them and the TRS government is planned to do the same in this Week to approve.

Telangana currently offers 15 per cent for SCs, 7.5 per cent for STs, and 25 per cent for backward classes among the four categories A, B, C and D. In 2007 the then congressional government led by YS Rajasekhara Reddy passed a law that 4 percent rate for economically backward Muslims by creating a separate group "E" among the BCs exclusively for the minorities. Under this quota, 14 classes of Muslims residing in the united AP (with the exception of Dudekula, Laddaf, PinjariNoorbash and Mehtar) were included in the list of backward classes under a separate group "E". However, it was contested in the Court of Justice and the case is currently before the Supreme Court.

The BC Commission was formed according to the report of the Sudhean Committee on Muslim well-being, which was urgently needed to improve the living conditions of the minorities. The TRS government appointed BS Ramulu as BC commissioner for report on the Muslim quota. Several Muslim outfits gave their views on the proposed 12% during the public hearing.

According to sources, the regional government wants to include the quotas in the 9th draft of the Constitution based on the SC cap of 50% on reservations and also to avoid legal challenges. If the 9% of the existing quota in Telangana is added, it would jump to 56.5%. But the state wants to cite the extreme socioeconomic backwardness of the community.

CM K. Chandrashekar Rao had said in his most recent speech at the meeting, "We will make an action, the same thing will happen, and the implementation will begin." If the center does not agree to include it in the 9th schedule, Center". A few TRS ministers told TOI that they would go in some way to implement the reservations, including sitting on a dhorn at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.