Rivals will get electric Shock: PM Modi

Rivals will get electric Shock: PM Modi

As the battle hots up for The state of Uttar Pradesh in the last leg of campaigning leaders have gone all out to hit out at each other.

At Mirzapur Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said his rivals would get “electric shocks” when the results are announced on March 11. 

Speaking at a massive rally Modi Said” “Akhilesh yadav  has dared me to touch an electric wire to find out whether power is really there or not and his  new friend Rahul Gandhi, during his ‘khaat sabha’. had touched a wire and told Ghulam Nabi Azad that there was nothing to worry as there is no power in the line.”

Meanwhile In Ghazipur, Mr Yadav question Mr Modis claim of a conspiracy in the recent train accident in Kanpur, and alleged that BJP is using such tactics to seek votes.

“ As the Railway Minister is unable to take care in preventing accidents he is blaming the Pakistans ISI .” he said.

BSP leader Mayawati also attacked BJP for fielding Baagi (rebels) and Daagi (corrupt) candidates in UP.