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Nenorakam review

Nenorakam review

'Nenorakam' with Sairam Shankar, Sarathkumar and Rashmi Menon in main roles, released on friday. 


Gautham (Sairam Shankar), an orphan who works as a representative, knows nothing but happy life. Sweccha (Rashmi Menon) is a sensitive zoologist who cannot think of harming anyone. The coarse-n-hard guy falls in love with the woman's contrasting personality. 

After some harmless dramabaazi, which can be expericned by every normal girl, the naive Sweccha falls for him. But before she can meet him and say, "I love you," Sweccha is abducted. 

At this time, the audience has no idea who is interested in kidnapping her, although the negative character of an angry, rich guy who wants to kill someone is shown as a parallel track. 

In the second half, Gautham has to run against time when he knows where his lover is, but has to face many obstacles. 


The first and second half is poles apart with respect to the genre. The rom-com episodes of the first, with the lead pair, late MS Narayana, and his son (played by Viva Harsha) are good. The case of the false identity by the heroine, as Harsha   is also well done.Sairam Shankar's characterization is good enough. The Cafe Battle sequence with him, Chalaki Chanti, Sudigali Sudheer and others is well choreographed. 

While Rashmi Menon looks beautiful (she would be suitable for such "satthwik" characters), she and her co-star have done a decent job in the songs.

Sarathkumar's character awakens life in the second half. He is very good as a middle-aged rogue. Most of his interactions with a character are on the phone, but he makes a praiseworthy job. Lines like 'Neeku unnadi deadlines Matrame, life lines kadu ..' are well delivered. 

The retrospective episodes are heartbreaking. However, the writer's director could have stretched a bit more to create more weight for the behavior of an important character (which could be called a spoiler). Aditya Menon as a trigger-happy cop has a good role. 

In the second half, certain parts should have  been played up after the hero has some understanding of the intentions of the kidnapper. 

Coming to other performances, Sairam Shankar is very measured in this movie. He does not scream or exaggerate unnecessarily. He worked hard for the fights and songs and it is obvious. He complements the performance of an older star like Sarathkumar  well. 

Mahith Narayan's music and Siddharth Ramaswamy's cinematography deserves praise. 


"Nenorakam" is a Rom com in the first half and a thriller in the second. Director Sudarshan Salendra come up with  excellent work with good artists and technical team. All in all, despite some hiccups and chopped elements, this film works on one level. 

Rating: 3,25 / 5.0