Nationalism: The New Proxy Hindutva Slogan

Nationalism: The New Proxy Hindutva Slogan

BJP’s thumping win in UP and Uttarakand states with overwhelming authority, has brought to the fore the now decadent and now lip biting term for liberals in India called HINDUTVA.

In the 90’s movement of Ram mandir, led by Lal Krishna Advani, Hindutva became a part of national consciousness when it collectively antagonized the congress stand of wooing the minorities and tapping their vote banks.

The nation collectively stood behind the RSS and kar sevak when in an iconic moment of Indian politics since independence, brought down the Babri masjid.

The Hindutva slogan by BJP brought only mediocre success because of its tunnel vision and unsustainable rhetoric.

Fast forward to 2017, ever since theatres were urged by the court to play the national anthem, the judicial overreach as term by the liberal minded junta was clearly quashed by the now Proxy word for Hindutva called NATIONALISM.