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Landmarks Of Hyderabad: Salarjung Museum

Landmarks Of Hyderabad: Salarjung Museum

One of the top destination for any vistor in Hyderabad is the Salarjung Museum, the largest one man collection of antiques in the world. Situated near the southern bank of the Musi River it showcases a large collection of artifacts dating back as far as the first century. It has often been compared to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

The Museum houses among other things Paintings by great masters(It has a good collection of Raja Ravi verma), Sculptures by European masters ( The statue of veiled Rebbeca is among the most famous sculpture in the world),Carving from all over India and the world, rare manuscripts, carpets, metal work. It collection of Clockwork is vast and a special favorite of the visitor’s is the  British Bracket clock in which a small toy figure comes out of an enclosure and strikes the gong and then returns to the enclosure at each hour. There is big crowd around 12 o’ clock around this clock.

The artifacts on display give an insight into  the level  of craftsmanship that existed around the world for centuries; exquisite textiles from the Middle East, ornamental jade carvings from Indian Emperors, ceramics from Sino-Japan, and glass and furniture from Europe.

 So for a truly comprehensive look at history and art, be sure to pay a visit to the Salar Jung Museum. Vistor’s should dedicate at least one day to see the museum because of its vast collection.