Keshava Review

Keshava Review

Release date : May 19, 2017

Manatelugunewz Rating : 3.5/5

Director : Sudheer Varma

Producer : Abhishek Nama

Music Director : Sunny M.R

Starring : Nikhil, Ritu varma, Isha Koppikar


Have you ever wanted to take revenge on traffic cops who fined you for not wearing a helmet ? The hero of Keshava takes revenge on just one police officer but many of them one by one. And what is the motive? For that you have to watch the movie! But yes, the first half is full of suspense as to why this guy is taking revenge against  the cops.

But once the motive is revealed in the second half the film loses its grip and drags on . The climax to is not very well handled and by the time the movie ends the impact the first half made is forgotten.

Director Sudheer  Varma has impressive credentials having directed movies like Swami Ra Ra, but in this movie he seems to lose his way in the second half. The style of the movie is inspired by his idols.

Coming to the Hero, Nikhil, he has to act in a sober manner throughout the movie and his acting is restrained as per the role. He does a good job. Isha Koppikar who is returning to the silver screen after a long time has done a good job so also Ritu Varma. The comedy by Vennela Kishor  raises a few laughs

Some of the scene  have been shot well especially in the first half. All in all it is a watchable movie and worth watching . One only wishes the director has maintained the tempo in the second half and the editor has trimmed the movie just a bit and made it tighter.