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International Women’s day : Time to Celebrate

International Women’s day : Time to Celebrate

Every day on March 8th the world celebrates International women’s day.  It is a event which celebrates women’s achievement in political and social fields and is also about gender equality. It was started around the early 1900s.

So lets us take a look around and see the progress that women’s have made in the last few years and the problems faced by them. Indeed, if we look back, women have achieved a degree of independence that was not possible earlier. Women’s are no longer working in jobs thought to be suitable for them like nurse’s , dressmaker or models, but today they have made their presence felt in all sectors of the job industry. We see women’s working in jobs previously dominated by men. There are women doctors. Engineers and Software professionals. In Hyderabad one of the visible face of women emancipation are women’s working as conductors in the state run buses.

But this success has caused much heartburn in men, who think they are taking away their jobs. This has resulted in hate crimes against women. Women security remains high on the issues faced by them.

But in spite of this problem it is time to celebrate women’s day and all their achievement. Celebrities like Sania Mirza, Mary Kom, Kajal Aggrawal and Mayawati have become a role model for young girls who want to emulate their success.

Here is hoping that in the coming day’s women’s become stronger and make their presence more significant in society.